our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost (elliemurasaki) wrote,
our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost

LJ's new friends page is hideous and do not want, and infinite scroll is really do not want, and I hear they want to ditch threading, too. And paid accounts, proving that LJ's customers are its advertisers and its product is our eyeballs, rather than LJ's customers being us and its product a platform to communicate with.

I'm out. Congratulations, LJ, you finally lost my business. I hope you're happy.

Project for tonight, and possibly the next few days, will be creating a Dreamwidth RSS feed for every journal and community I want to continue to read. Anyone who posts friendslocked things to LJ that I am allowed to read and who wishes me to continue reading them, please comment so I know to get an email notification for your posts.

You may notice that this is my only public post. You can find me at elliemurasaki at Dreamwidth and EllieMurasaki at the Archive Of Our Own.
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